Sugarberry Photo Gallery

Family:  Cannabaceae - Hemp family
(previously listed as member of Ulmaceae Elm Family)
Latin name:  Celtis laevigata
Common name:  Sugarberry
Celtis lavaegata - Sugarberry winter photo of trunk, warty bark and acession tag Celtis lavaegata - Sugarberry photo of small tree in winter in Midwest section of Morton Arboretum Celtis lavaegata - Photo of fruits remaining on Sugarberry tree during winter Celtis lavaegata - Photo of fruit hanging in a row on Sugarberry tree in winter Celtis lavaegata - Sugarberry photo of bunds in place alternating on twigs and branches against a gray winter sky Celtis lavaegata - Sugarberry tree, photo shows alternate pattern of buds along a twig.
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